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On the northern slopes of the Balkan mountain range you will find the town of Tryavna, nestled around a river that goes by the same name. The surrounding peaks that stretch to 1.5 km in height are covered by rich deciduous forest riddled with mountain trails, one of which leads to the beautiful village of Bojenci.

The town itself is an old cultural centre that in the early 19th century gave rise to one of Bulgaria's oldest and most renowned art institutions, the Tryavna School. Since then this beautifully formed town has been a rich source of fine art and master artisan work which still contributes to the healthy local economy. The old town has an extensive pedestrianised zone which has benefited from cultural grants from the Europrean Union, used for example to restore a church from the middle ages. Among the cafe's and restaurants on cobbled streets there is plenty to keep you amused; boutique shops selling local arts and crafts, impressive architecture of well maintained period buildings (the courthouse among others) and nicely planned open public spaces. The most notable of these is the Captain Diado Nikola Square in the old town, on one corner of which there is a historically significant clock tower and an ancient bridge crossing the river. On one side of the square is the Tryavna School, now a museum that celebrates the artistic history and teaching tradition of the town.

Other locations of interest are the four museum houses in and around the old town. These are restored houses that used to belong to the notable citizens from times gone by, from master builders to inspirational teachers. As well as exhibiting artwork from paintings to carvings, the house museums give an insight into what life was like in the 1800's in a thriving Balkan town.

Tryavna at a glance
  • Surrounded by idyllic mountains
  • A centre for art and crafts
  • Numerous cultural attractions
  • Mountain trekks and trails
  • Relaxed wining and dining atmosphere
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