Sunny Beach Guide

Between the villages of St Vlas in the north and Nessebar in the south there used to be a huge crescent of unspoilt golden sand stretching for 8 km, which separated the Black Sea from pristine countryside. The beach is still there but the land is now the site of the town of Sunny Beach (Slanchev Bryag). The setting of this huge sandy bay is impressive by any standard, no wonder it has been used by locals for many years. What is surprising though, is that the first buildings were constructed as late as the second half of the 20 century. Since then Sunny Beach has grown at an impressive rate and today it is the biggest resort on the Bulgarian coast, scattered with large luxurious hotels, residential areas, parks and even a nature reserve.

Sunny Beach caters for every desire and during the summer months this modern resort never sleeps. Activities on the beach start early in the morning, slowly building up to lunch time when the spacious beach bars and restaurants fill with people. As the afternoon progresses the water sports such as paragliding, windsurfing and jet skiing become a favourite until the early evening when the beach bar staff become busy serving early evening cocktails. At this time the street life also awakens with stalls opening and often you can catch a live show in the main square. People then begin to fill the restaurants and pubs, as the night progresses the beach bars turn into parties and the nightclubs open. The clubs are located a bit of a distance from the main residential areas, which is convenient as they go on all night... and as the sun comes up the cycle begins again.

Reaching Sunny Beach is quick and easy as it's only 20 minutes drive from Bourgas airport. During the summer months there are public buses, private buses and taxis. The next closest international airport is Varna which is just over an hour drive. Once you are there, there is a main road running straight through the town which has many bus stops to many destinations. Villages and towns all along the Bulgarian coast are easily reached by bus which operate until the early hours of the morning. The neighbouring villages of St Vlas and Nessebar although walkable, are only a few minutes away by public transport.

The main road also acts as a boundary with main town between it and the sea. The north part of town which borders with St Vlas is considered to be more classy with the luxury hotels that enjoy great views of the sea and Balkan Mountains. The central part is where you will find hundreds of restaurants, bars and clubs. It is here that many of the social events organised by the local council take place. The south part is less developed, here you will find the nature reserve with sandy dunes and a car free costal road leading the Nessebar.

If you are after a beach holiday with every possible distraction and excitement thrown in, Sunny Beach is the place for you. Because of the wide range of facilities it is ideal for families, party goers and anyone who just want to unwind next to the pool.

Sunny Beach at a glance
  • Large resort catering for every need
  • 8km of golden sandy beach
  • Modern facilities with plenty of distractions for kids
  • Easy to reach from international airports
  • Beach bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants
  • More resort guides
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