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With it's sandy beaches and hilly backdrop, the picturesque village of St Vlas (Sveti Vlas in bulgarian) is the ideal location to spend a relaxing week ot two in the Summer. Although the village is relatively quiet compared to it's glitzy neighbour Sunny Beach, it makes for a better destination if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle.

St Vlas is easily reached from Bourgas airport, which is only 25 minutes drive away. To the west is Sunny Beach, which takes a few minutes by public transport or a healthy half hour walk along the coastal path. In the opposite direction along the coast is the village of Elenite. Inland are the foothills of the Stara Planina mountain range, which spreads from the village right across Bulgaria.

The village has plenty of attractions for visitors. The most obvious is the wide south facing sandy beach, which has activities for those who enjoy sports (from jet ski to beach volley) as well as those who simply love to relax with a cocktail and massage. More recently comfortable beach bars and restaurants have been opened, this kind of development is likely to continue since during the winter months St Vlas benefits from an ongoing programme. For example the marina with modern facilities for yacht owners or those wishing to hire was recently built next to the waterfront traditionally used by the local fishermen. The foothills onto which the higher part of the village is built have marked footpaths where you can find water fountains and picknick areas, which provide shade, seating and even fixed BBQ's. Maps of the hike routes are available at the tourist office.

In the heart of the village there are numerous restaurants, shops and cafés with panoramic views, which are ideal for an evening meal. It really is worth exploring the whole village since there are restaurants away from the main streets which are just as good and less expensive. St Vlas also has late bars, a couple of night clubs and even a casion and you can always hop into a cab to Sunny Beach, which has a very active nightlife.

St Vlas benefits from the unique combination of sea and mountains. It's a favourite destination for people who want to have a quiet and relaxing beach holiday, escpecially for if you have a young family. The resort is easy to reach and offers high standards. Yet, because it is still relatively unknown it is inexpensive.

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