Nessebar Old Town

Imagine you've just spent a lazy day relaxing on a sandy beach with occasional dips in the refreshing water, the sun is beginning to set and you decide to stroll along the costal walk to Nessebar old town. The promenade is wide and raised high enough to see the surroundings. To your left the sun is slowly being lowered into an endless expanse of water and to your right you can see a picturesque fishing bay around which Nessebar has been built. You're on a thin strip of land that leads to a rocky peninsular, half way along it you come across a perfectly restored, ash black, ancient windmill.

When you reach the end of the promenade you're in an open area with steps leading up through the stone wall that has surrounded the village for centuries. As you enter the old town you find yourself in an busy open piazza with majestic trees covering tables and chairs belonging to the various cafe's and bars. All the buildings you can see are traditionally build with wood and stone, there are also a couple of cobbled streets leading off into the heart of the old town just begging you to explore further.

From late afternoon right into the early hours of the morning, Nessebar old town is kept alive with all manner of street life. The bars and restaurants tend to be on the outside of the town so that they can benefit from the fantastic seascapes, while the centre is full of ancient squares, churches and shops. The whole place has a relaxed but exciting buzz to it, yet you can still find quiet spots where you can sit down and soak in the atmosphere. Often in the evenings there is entertainment put on by the local council but you really have to explore the place to find the many hidden gems that Nessebar has to offer.

In many ways the old town seems to have been frozen in time and even the new buildings are kept in the traditional style. No doubt that is part of the reason why it is a world heritage site. The unbelievable setting combined with the lively atmosphere really make the old town a place that you have to visit if you are in the area.

Nessebar Old Town at a glance
  • Historical world heritage site
  • Bars and Restaurants with breathtaking views of the sea
  • Regular entertainment and lively street life
  • Shops, street markets, walk in art exhibitions...
  • Across the bay from the new town
  • More resort guides
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