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The town of Bourgas is in a region which has been considered of strategic importance for centuries. Originally the ancient Greeks build 4 settlements in the area which rapidly became a centre of commerce. Over the years the the settlements joined to become a town under Greek, Roman and then Turkish rule. Today the town is the fourth largest in Bulgaria, has an international airport and the country's most important port both which contribute to the flourishing local economy. The port brings trade and industry to the region and the airport provides easy access for growing tourism all along the Black Sea coast. Bourgas is also easily accessible by rail, coach and car with major roads connecting it to other coastal centres and the major cities in the heart of the country.

Bourgas isn't only industrial, is has a strong cultural element because of the universities and accompanying student community, opera house, fabulous park, three museums and a well known art gallery. The Bourgas and archaeological museums are the place to go to learn about the amazing history and culture of the city while the unique nature is perfectly illustrated by the natural history museum. The art gallery is in a synagogue dating from the early 20th century and boasts of thousands of works of art which are inviolably linked to the history of the area. Whatever you do, don't miss going to the park which has been build along the coast. It is regarded as one of the jewels of Bourgas and often used as a venue for the many celebrations and festivities that take place throughout the year.

If untouched nature is what you are after, as well as visiting the natural history museum it's really worth going to the lakes around which Bourgas has been built. There are 5 of them (including the largest natural lake in Bulgaria) with varying degrees of salinity which create a unique habitat for wildlife. Lake Atanasovsko is a nature reserve and along with other two is in an area which is recognised as being of great importance to birds. The lakes provide a beautiful backdrop any time of day but if you want to witness something special dawn is the best time.

Of course like all major towns on the Black Sea, Bourgas has a lively atmosphere and night life with plenty of bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels (try the park for a good nightspot!). Although Bourgas isn't famous for beach holidays the town does have wide, sandy beaches which are ideal for a break on a hot summer's day.

Because of it's importance Bourgas is also the seat of a number of municipal and government buildings. If you have bought or intend to buy a property in the area, you will need to pay one of these buildings a visit in order to get your Bulstat number which is needed for inclusion in the Bulgarian census. The process takes a long time and don't expect English to be spoken, fortunately Bourgas will spoil you for choice when it comes to English speaking solicitors.

Bourgas at a glance
  • Major town with international airport
  • Amazing park built on the sea
  • Thousands of years of history
  • 5 lakes with a unique ecosystem
  • Museums, art gallery, exhibitions
  • More resort guides
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