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Bojenci is a small village high in the Stara Planina (Balkan) mountain range. Geographically it is almost exactly half way between the towns of Gabrovo and Tryavna but if you intend to reach it by road, it is much closer to Gabrovo. There is a village called Donino on the outskirts of Gabrovo and it is from there that a windy rural road takes you into the heart of the mountains. The road ends at a bridge over a modest mountain stream, on the other side of which the terrain is no longer an engineered surface but an uneven stone mountain lane. This marks the unassuming entrance to Bojenci.

Bojenci is unique in that it is an ethnographic village, specifically it is intended to represent the archetypal village that existed in these mountainous areas in the early 1900's. The lanes are made from stones that have been set in the mud for years; the buildings are in the traditional style of the time, constructed from stone and white render on a timber structure sourced from local wood, the roofs are built from thick slate; and bridges are hand made from local timber. The houses tend to be secluded, separated by footpaths and give the impression to emerge from the thick forest as though they are simply another variety of tree. The combination of the fantastic setting, the traditional buildings and lack of anything industrialised gives wandering around this sleepy village an almost mystical feel.

Although Bojenci is stuck at the beginning of the twentieth century, staying there doesn't mean you will be deprived of modern conveniences because the guest houses and rental properties are all modern inside. Scattered around the village, in particular close to the central square you will find restaurants and cafe's and at the entrance to the village on the right hand side there is a tourist office. There you will be able to get advice on the many treks into the surrounding mountains.

Bojenci at a glance
  • Living museum village from the early 1900's
  • Perfect for for mountain trekking
  • Ideal base for exploring the balkan mountain range
  • Secluded and tranquil
  • A nature lover's sanctuary
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