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In this blog you will find articles about visiting and staying in Bulgaria. If you own a property in the country you will also find a lot of useful information about managing it. Here are some quick links to get you started:

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Child Friendly Activities In St Vlas, Sunny Beach And Nessebar

Anyone with young children knows that life is way more enjoyable when the kids have lots to do. Luckily children have incredibly active imaginations so keeping them entertained takes just a little effort. I rem... [more]

How Sveti Vlas Has Changed

I hadn’t been in Sveti Vlas for over a year so when I visited this summer I got to check out all the changes that have happened. Sveti Vlas is still very dynamic so there was a lot to see, here is a summary.

First let me start with ... [more]

Hard To Find Niche Accommodation

Image by seanmcgrath
Despite their homely character and exclusive feel there are some villa’s, chalets and guest houses that are very hard to find on the internet. I’m going to explain why and give you tips on how to sear... [more]